Prairie Ostrich

Thank you CBC, for including Prairie Ostrich as one of the 100 Young Adult Books That Make You Proud to be Canadian


I have added notes for the request for information cultural references in Prairie Ostrich (see below in Pages)

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Bookish, eight-year-old Egg Murakami lives on her family’s ostrich farm in rural, southern Alberta. It is the end of the summer, 1974. Since her brother’s death, her Mama curls inside a whiskey bottle and her Papa shuts himself in the barn. Big sister Kathy — in love with her best friend, Stacey — reinvents the bedtime stories she reads to Egg so that they end in a happily ever after.

Confronted by bullies and the perplexing quirks of the adults around her, Egg watches, a quiet witness to her unraveling family as she tries to find her place in a bewildering world.

The sisters increasingly depend on one another for protection and support but the girls’ relationship is threatened when Kathy’s stories clash with the realities of their small town of Bittercreek­. How can Egg trust someone who has lied to her about everything?

Prairie Ostrich is the story of coming out and coming of age in a sleepy rural town, in a family where the ties that bind may be the ties that set you free.
“Although Tamai Kobayashi relentlessly delves into the world of a brilliant child bullied and misunderstood as an Outsider, a surprising tenderness is shared among her lost and even darkest characters. This is a truly fine and compassionate work.”— Wayson Choy, author of All That Matters and The Jade Peony

“By turns harrowing and hilarious, this exquisitely crafted story stunned me with its insights into childhood loss, cruelty and triumph. Egg may be small but her sassiness and steadfastness make her huge and indomitable. I loved this novel. “ — Kyo Maclear, author of Stray Love and The Letter Opener

Prairie Ostrich will be available in bookstores after March 4, 2014, or from Goose Lane Editions.