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Exile and the Heart


“From the Future Bakery to Old Man Dam, Tamai Kobayashi reveals the ordinary and extraordinary lives of Asian-Canadian lesbians and their families with a quiet, intense passion. Kobayashi has a sharp eye for the poetic in the everyday, and for the small resonant truths that gleam amidst the seemingly mundane. Contemplative, gorgeous, and precise, this is a book about how history, personal and global, creates the present and how the present evolves into history.”

– Larissa Lai, author of When Fox Is a Thousand

Exile and the Heart
Three O’Clock Press
Sumach Press & Women’s Press Literary

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Quixotic Erotic



. . .haunting, sexy, tender and beautiful. . . will delight readers looking for steamy, poetic and innovative erotica.
—Rachel Bussel

Ranging from tender and sultry to coolly surreal, Quixotic Erotic offers readers a phenomenal range of erotic adventures…

She applies heart, a dash of humour, and strong characterization to weave a web of tantalizing tales.
Trade: Queer Things

. . . Kobayashi has long held a deserved reputation as a woman who gives good fiction. . . a writer who is not afraid to paint her characters with both detail and with bold strokes and her erotica reaps the benefit.

Tamai Kobayashi weaves the lines of the fantasy and the fantastical into an intricate tapestry. . . Quixotic Erotic is a book of erotica unlike any I have read before.

Perfect for when it’s too hot and humid to sleep.
Ottawa Xpress

. . . breathtaking, skintingling, vivid, electric erotic prose. . .

Quixotic Erotic
Arsenal Pulp Press
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